Easy DIY-ish Jet Pack

I’ve said it many times. I’m not a very “DIY mom”, but, when I try to be… You can bet that it will be thrown together and done last minute! -with love of course-

The plan was for My husband to take Sagey trick-or-treating and for me to stay home with Titus, (who just turned One) to pass out candy. However, the day of, we changed the plan and decided he would pull both babes around in the wagon that evening. With no plan for a costume before that moment, I had to get crafty. So, to stay on theme with the ‘Out of this world’ vibe we were going for, We chose for him to be a Rocket Man. -And by Rocket Man, I meant. We would plan to make Titus a Jet Pack.- I’ve never made anything like this before, but it was so easy! By looking at a picture online I was able to figure out what we needed and made it happen!


What you’ll need

  • Two Water Bottles

  • Silver Paint

  • Tape

  • Hot glue

  • Ribbon

  • Red and Yellow tissue paper

  • American Flag Sticker (we had our stickers provided by a friend, who also did our NASA Sticker for Sam’s costume.)

I removed the labels from the Water bottles and placed a piece of tape at across the top and bottom of the front and back of the bottles to securely connect them.

All Rights reserved to The Untidy Tribe

All Rights reserved to The Untidy Tribe

I grabbed my silver paint out and realized I forgot to pick up a paint brush. (of course) So with no shame whatsoever, I used my finger to paint the bottles.

For quick drying purposes and because I literally have no patience for crafts, I only painted the part of the bottles that would be seen.

Once the bottles were dry… Okay, mostly dry I tore small pieces of the red and yellow tissue paper and placed inside of the bottle opening and hot glued around the rim for good measure.

Then, I pulled out the ribbon and hot glued the ribbon to the very top and bottom of the ‘jet pack’ vertically (It wasn’t even, but it worked!) And finally, I added an American Flag Sticker to the center because well, God Bless America!

I threw on a white shirt I had grabbed at Walmart for $4 earlier that day and he was ready to get his Trick-or-Treat on with his Space Alien Sister and Astronaut Daddy!

All rights reserved to The Untidy Tribe

All rights reserved to The Untidy Tribe

Sanity Saving Mini Pizzas

Long day? Don’t feel like making a big dinner while your kids tug at your shirt and cry? Are they bored and most likely all up in your business EVEN THOUGH they have like, a million toys AND you turned on that Netflix movie they have been begging all morning to watch??

I have the solution for you! Make it an easy-breezy ‘Make your own pizza night!’

Honestly, I try to keep these ingredients in the house all the time, because they stay good, they are perfect for those crazy/don’t want to cook days and BONUS It makes for a fun activity with your kiddos.


What you’ll need

  1. Can of biscuits (I like to get the Large Home style)

  2. Can of tomato sauce

  3. pizza cheese

  4. pepperoni/cooked chicken shredded/ toppings

  5. parchment paper and a pan

Often when I’m working in the kitchen, I’ll put Sagey in the ‘help me’ stand or set her on the counter because she loves to be apart of anything mama’s working on. And usually, in those times when Sage is “helping me” cook or prep meals, I will give her one or two safe and small jobs to make her feel involved and make sure she can’t hurt herself or mess up the food. But as I said earlier, for this particular meal/activity that’s not a worry! With make-your-own-pizza night, kiddos are able to help the whole way through!

Together, Sage and I flattened the biscuits, put them on a pan, added sauce and sprinkled cheese to make some pretty legit pizzas!

It can get a little messy, but it’s really fun and an easy clean up.

Holy Guacamole

Like naps, when I was younger, I didn't appreciate avocados. I didn't care they were good for me, nor did I understand how delicious guac could be. 

Today, however, my tune is different and the love is real. In honor of National Guacamole Day, I thought I would share my very favorite & easy Guacamole recipe! 


What you'll need; 

  • Avocados
  • Cilantro
  • Garlic/onion powder
  • Salt/ pepper 
  • Limes
  • Rotel
  • Transportation method from bowl to mouth


Mash those avocados, Season to taste & mix everything together. Serve with chips! Or if you are wanting a healthier choice, I love using salted dried plantains as chips. YUM! 

Pro Tip; If you need to make it a few hours ahead of time; add plastic wrap to the surface of the guac inside the bowl where no air can get in, and put it in the fridge.  You can also add the pit of the Avocado to the center of the bowl.  It can give the guacamole beneath the surface a little more time before browning.  -Crazy right?- #Science

Hope you all enjoy National Guacamole Day! 

I Scream You Scream!

We all know the rhyme. I scream you scream, we all scream... FOR  ICE CREAM!  And the Ericksons sure do scream for some Ice Cream, especially during these hot Houston Summers! 


A little backstory here. We've been going back & forth on getting an Ice Cream maker for a while now. But, when we were walking through Kroger this weekend and an Ice cream maker was marked 50% off, the decision felt made for us!

Let's face it, finding an ice cream that's organic or "healthy" or even dairy free isn't hard in it'self... However, it can be very expensive or they may not have flavor options you want... We've been there many times. So, finding a machine that will make that glorious sweet-treat for us, where we control the ingredients and sugar content?!? Sounds like a dream! 

Okay, so the specific machine we found is called a Dash Ice Cream Maker and it's like RIDICULOUSLY easy to use! You just freeze this metal bowl insert for 8 to 12 hours. Turn on the mixer (with the frozen metal insert placed back into the machine) Add your ingredients and let it churn for 20-30 minutes! I threw together some Milk, (a little) Heavy Cream, Honey, Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Chips. 



Now, I will be the first to raise my hand and admit that we ate this Ice Cream all in one sitting...

However, I'm sure a regular non-ice cream obsessed family would have had plenty left over goodness to save for later but if not, It's so easy YOU CAN JUST MAKE MORE! 

PRO-TIP I've seen some cute reusable half-pint plastic ice cream containers on Amazon. 

Totally feels worth it to grab some of those. 


Needless to say, The Untidy Tribe had a great Sunday evening in the warm temps of summer enjoying our HOMEMADE Ice Cream! 




Baby Cakes

I don't know about you guys, but my big 7 m/o boy is ALWAYS hungry. So, i'm constantly on the look out for healthy, fun and EASY foods to make him.

I feel like breakfast can be a real a struggle with babies. (and mamas) Your littles just woke up from a long sleep. (HOPEFULLY) They are not yet at the point of feeding themselves cereal and they still need to be nursed/formula-fed but they are also at the point where they need food. See what I'm saying here?

Not to mention, like any of you, i'm a busy working mama of multiples who doesn't always have time to cook or spoon feed a tiny every morning... AND if you ask me, puffs just don't cut the pancake! (Pun Intended)

So, I found this breakfast idea. Tried it. Loved it and wanted to share with other parents who might be feeling the same way that I do. 




Two Bananas

2 Eggs

Blend together. (Mix well)

Scoop small portions into a pan

Cook it like a regular pancake in butter

Flip it so it cooks on both sides.

Set aside to cool and let your baby enjoy!

PRO TIP- Store the extra

Let me know if your little people like this recipe and feel free to drop your favorite baby-friendly recipes in the comments! 



Flower Ice Cubes

 I was a hostess at my friend's baby shower.

Out of all the things we made, I was most excited about these Ice Cube roses! I know, it sounds silly, but they are gorgeous and easy!

 I added pictures of them to my Ig stories and a lot of people asked me how to do them. So, I just wanted to share.

Here's how;

I grabbed a couple bunches of small roses/assorted flowers. I got mine from HEB.

Cut them from the stems then in half

then, add them to ice cube trays halfway filled with water.

Let them freeze overnight! 

Pour Ice over desired beverage for Aesthetic